Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cute Packaging Tutorial

Many have commented on the Cute Packaging post & wondered how to do it!  It's so super simple!

1. Punch 4 large circles (I used a 2 1/2" punch) out of cardstock or DSP. Fold all of them in half.
2. Using your grid paper or the corner of a piece of copy paper, place adhesive on on overlapping section of a circle and adhere to the edge of another circle. Use your corner edge as a guide for a 90 degree angle.
3. Repeat with the other 2 circles.  For the 4th circle, you want to ensure that one side overlapping under and the other side is overlapping over it's connecting circles.  See picture 1 below.  When you open your square this is how it should look.  To close, overlap all the tops.
4. Inside - Decorate a piece of 2 1/2" square cardstock as you wish.  Using your piercing tool, poke a hole in the center and add the brad (or you could use a button with twine).

5. Open your package and glue down the cardstock.
6. Take one edge and tuck under the brad or button.  Repeat overlapping with the other edges.

Have a fab day!
Julz :)

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Nanabugaboo said...

Thanks for sharing this is really cute. Will be great for Christmas Packages.