Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunburst Tutorial

Good morning to you!  Deb made mention in this post that it looked like it took a bit of time to line up all the strips.  That couldn't be more far from the truth!  I've seen a lot of templates and such but I went easy peasy here.  Here's my method of the Sunburst style card.

First, cut a piece of cardstock 1/4" smaller all around than your base. Trim your DSP into angled strips by placing in your paper cutter and cutting at an angle on one side and straight on the other.  To cut at an angle, line up the pointy edge of your DSP with the edge of your paper cutter.  The paper will not be flush on the bottom horizontal edge of the cardstock until you cut the straight side. Here I used 4 strips from each DSP.

I used a gluestick on the top 2/3 of my cardstock and started adding the strips.  (You can draw a line if it helps line them up.) I started with one of the straight edges on the Mambo Melon to get an even beginning. 

Next, trim up your piece of cardstock by cutting off the extra overhang, add to your base, and embellish as you wish.

My finished card! :)

Have a fab day!
Julz  :)


Patti said...

Love this technique and your card. Will bookmark this for a future try.

Dale Morin said...

Great card, Love the technique.

Smiles, Laurie said...

So sunny and happy!

Kazza said...

how cool is this!!!!
I am now following you from SC and would love you to follow me too.