Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy birthday to me & YOU!

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Today is my birthday and I thought what would be more fun than BLOG CANDY!

But it's tricky Blog Candy! Free Smiley Courtesy of I can't make it too easy! LOL
My husband, Scooter and I have birthdays five days apart. Your mission is to guess our combined age! (Example - my nephew Cody is 2 and my other nephew Ashton is 4. Their combined age would be 6 years.)
  • Leave me a comment with your guess.
  • The person closest to the answer without going over will be the winner.
  • If there is more than one correct answer, all the correct guesses will go into a hat & I will draw a name to win!
  • Contest will run from March 16 at 12a to March 17 at 1159p ET.
  • The winner will be chosen on March 18 & announced after he/she is contacted.

Good luck!

Have a fab day!


MrsK said...

happy birthday jules!!! now this is a toughie!! i wamt to be nice and say 60! hugz xx

Patti said...

Happy birthday to you both. My guess would be 64.

"Michey" said...

Happy birthday to you and the Mr! My guess is 66