Friday, March 18, 2011


The answers were all very close but one person got it right on the money! For today at least! LOL I am now 35 and Scooter will be 32 on Monday. As of today he's 31, so our combined age is 66!

Congrats to...............

"Michey" said...
Happy birthday to you and the Mr! My guess is 66.
Please email me your full name & address so I can send out your prize! :)

Funny story:
Scooter has this shirt he LOVES & whenever he's out, he always gets stopped by guys (older & younger) who tell him how much they love his shirt. So today, I found my own shirt! LOL
His - "My Girlfriend's out of town..."
Mine - "I don't have a boyfriend (on spring break)."

It's all in fun! Could you just imagine the two of us walking down the street together in our shirts? LOL ;)

Have a fab day!
Julz ;)

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"Michey" said...

Yowzers, I won?!? How'd that happen, lol! Thanks so much and hope you two had a fabulous birth-week party extravaganza! =D