Friday, December 18, 2009

Movie Night Gift Basket

Second post for today is my SIL, Angie & her husband's Christmas gift. I was a little worried about them liking it but I shouldn't have. They LOVED it! LOL They both LOVE movies! I myself am not a big movie watcher, but their Christmas list contained nothing but movies this year! So I decided to create a movie basket for them as I was a little stumped on what to get them.

I found these great plastic movie popcorn containers at Target. I included Popcorn Reindeer and Snowman Candy Bars for them. I added the movie and a pair of movie tickets as well. There was also another snowman that I created from a lightbulb but I'll post that a different day.

The snowman is a printable candy wrapper from I just added the fleece hat and scarf.
Rudolph was so easy to make! I saw this post on the Facebook page for candy bars but I decided to make mine for the popcorn holders instead.
Have a fab day!
Julz =)

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