Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Card - Two Ways

Andrea from challenged us to make one card but two different ways. You use the same layout on both card but change the colors and stamp sets or techniques you use to make it seem like a totally different card. This is such a versatile way to make cards b/c you could literally make hundreds of cards and they all seem different from one another.

I've been fascinated with this ribbon frosting so I made some more cupcake cards but reversed the layout a bit one each card. I also made a punched scalloped pumpkin for my second way card. The result was a bumpy looking sort of pumpkin. I think those are the cutest that I see in the stores especially the baby bumpies! ;)
So now I'm passing on the challenge to you! Play along and make one card but two different ways! Email me - with your designs! I'd love to see what you create! =)
Have a fab day!
Julz =)

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